Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random mainstream #1

even HTML can't solved it... haish.

pssst# : Petang tadi, SERIOUSLY jumpe soalan niyh masa isi form. 
Boleh enh selain MANUSIA main komputer? 
(owh dats odd math question, i change it.)
Because normal question are too mainstream. xD

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random talk #1

Sometimes its really hard to make people understand what they must understand.

Sometimes you can feel so numb when you trying to make people see what you see.

Sometimes you can't be the one who always remain silent even for the things you are not wrong and guilty.

Sometimes you will face frustrated when your good intuition became misunderstood..and you took the blame for that.

#Sometimes you need to take every piece of heart just.. just to live another day to move on with the word you feel..after read it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mata sepet ?

Ok kengkawan.
I'm not so expert in this thing of make up. But at least i want to share how i hide my mata sepet using the magic of make up. Okayh?

Then, 1st of all..
We all Asian have small eyes. Tapi kebanyakan orang melayu jarang ada mata sepet.
Mata haku tak lah boleh di panggil sepet..atau tak boleh pun di panggil Ramli.
Mata aku macam sleepy eyes? Or my eye lids is too lower at the corner of my eyes. (eh ape campur campur bahasa niyh?)

Don't be so down if korang ada mata tak sebulat Selena Gomez sebab.. legend macam Marilyn Monroe mata beliau sangat stim kengkadang macam mata daku jugaklahhh. >___<"

See? How proud she is showing those beautiful sleepy eyes.
But you know lah Malay people. They really feel so weird and said such a thing to you. (to you yang ada mata sepet)

I know how its feel because i had very lower eyelids..and its been a year i figure it out how to hide 'em.
Before this i heard a lot of name for me.

"Mata stimm"
"Mata sepet.."
"Mata kuyu.."

"Eh, kau ngantok enh?"
"Boleh bukak mata besar sikit?"

Haha. But i get immune with that.
This is Anugerah from my dearest God. I might not be in this cute if i don't have those sleepy, droopy eyes. *suddenly getting confident.

So, which one of your eyes shape?

Letsssssss begin..!

1. Circle lenses

I promise this step will help you instantly make your eyes look bigger. Try pick natural color like brown, dark or warm color. And take the size over than 14mm.

2. Fake lashes

Ada banyak jenis bulu mata palsu. Jangan tersalah pilih sebab kalau yang heavy sangat akan buat mata korang nampak lebih redup daripada redup nye pepohon lalang. 

  • * pilih yang look natural
  • * tak terlalu tebal
  • * tak terlalu panjang sebab mata asia pendek je, kalau panjang lepas dah pakai akan jadi ke bawah. Not good.

E12 is better.
Ok kalau jumpa yang macam niyh lagi sangat bagus.

Why this?
* The beginning and the end of the lashes is short, while the middle is long. Its help to wide up your end of eyelids. 
So sebelum beli or pakai tu.. tengok betul tak criteria lashes yang korang pilih.

3. Apply mascara

Ok, niyh untuk yang tak nak pakai bulu mata palsu atau nak apply mascara before wear that fake lashes.

Ada banyak banyak banyak jenis bulu mata. Pendek and Panjang etc etc or Lurus ke bawah atau sangat curl. Betul?

1. Panjang dan tidak terlalu lurus ke bawah
Untuk jenis number 1 niyh, JANGAN SESEKALI apply mascara yang tebal dekat hujung mata.

I repeat, don't double the coat of your mascara at the end of your eye lashes.
Kalau sekali lalu boleh lah. Tapi bukan bina bulu mata tu sampai dia nampak panjang.
Bila dia panjang, dia akan ke bawah. Even korang dah curl kan dengan pengepit bulu mata, sometimes it doesn't work. So better avoid.

2. Pendek  atau sebaris sama pendek
Untuk jenis number 2 niyh, SILA APPLY DI SETIAP HELAIAN BULU MATA.

4. Eyeliner

Whatever type of cat eyeliner, it will work on your droopy eyes.

Eyeliner betul tapi kening errrr untuk mata labuh


AVOID THIS! - Why you should avoid this?
Ok, sesetengah pendapat mengatakan (cheewah) kalau kita draw an eyeliner all around the eyes or macam arabic style make up, very dark and garang or galak maybe? Akan menampak kan mata kita lagi besar?
But it WRONG! for droopy eyes. TOTALLY AVOID THIS.
Just give you example. Kim Kardash niyh, mata dia almond kan or tak lah sepet or labuh, betul?
So kenape mata dia nampak kecik in this kind of teknik? Full eyeliner or make 'em full smokeyyyy.

So please be creative to choose your eyeliner drawing/eye shadows. 
Be creative, don't be stupid.

5. Eyebrows
The right kening for mata sepet

Kening. Ramai orang abaikan perkara niyh.
Most of us think we can simply create any shape of the eyebrows.

Hujung kening untuk mata labuh tidak boleh terlalu jarak           dengan hujung mata.
Nanti akan menghasil efek space yang banyak dan sekali dua kali atau berkali kali gus nampak seperti labuh di hujung mata.
Untuk mata sepet, labuh or stim semacam adalah sangat tidak betul jika kening anda :

  • * Nipis / Terlalu nipis
  • * Terlalu ke bawah or macam kening badut. Tahu?
  • * Panjang sampai ke telinga kengkadang.

Look beauty on normal eyes but not for us...Sepetan eyes.

1. Ketebalan yang betul.
2. Panjang kening yang betul.

6. Eye makeup 

  • * Not heavy make up on an eyelids.
  • * Try put some white eyeliner at the bottom.
  • * Choose safe color.

I totally love how she create the intense of  bigger eyes. Awesome!
*only for bigger eyes not for bigger boooobs. Haha.

7. Lower lashes

Last last idea is coat your lower lashes with mascara. I don't think its necessary to put the fake one. It will be fine just using your mascara. Practice make perfect you know.

Hah! Done with my tricks. Ok, saje nak share.. What i do for my eyes.
Kalau rase macam ajaran sesat, jangan ikut. Ok?

Ok, See you later!

p/s : None of those picture is mine. I just borrow it from Google. Damm Google make me steal it from sumone without permission. Hihi =P

Monday, September 17, 2012

Unforgivable Riot

Beside the epic Gangnam style spread his cheesy, funny, noty dance and catchy song around the world..
The Innocence of Muslim also cause a riot, blood and death all over the world.
I know most of us already alert about this film especially Muslim. And what i can say here is :

Sometimes people with higher stupidity is eager to flossing his brainless brightly. Eugh!

But, I truly believe...
Our pray will be heard.. Insya'allah.

OK, i'm trying to be cool here. I don't want to curse anyone or anything (but dammmm! America is really good make world living in riot and chaos. They hate living in peace maybe?)
Yet... I know not all American or Americana or Americano like for what they do through that film.
Thanks for that doooh..

Talk about forgive..
I don't have any idea why my apologize is vividly disapprove by people (it happen most of the time)... that i care n of course i loved so much.

I wish you will understand my situation that time.. and put some tolerate inside your ego of feeling angry because of nothing.
If I can forgive you for the most important mistake u did, why can't you forgive me for what i didn't really mean to do..

And btw.. I'm an ordinary people. Always always do mistake and of course I try my best to be better..
Till then.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

This is WOW!

Probably i will change my banner next week. This is one look dull and gloomy.
My blog is wasn't that way..

Oh ya.. Enjoy this song by Bad Lip Reading touch.
I think this is Genius. Absolutely Grande Taco!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gangnam Fever !!!

So this is the best from Malaysia. Thumbs up! You guyss rawkkk!