Thursday, June 9, 2011

LSBF syndrome

Hey Ladies,
I really want to know if you, Ladies out there did you have this LSBF syndrome?
Love to See Beautiful Female?
Ok. I'm serious.
I HAVE dat one. arghh...

How to identify?
First of all, your gender must be FEMALE. 
Second, you have BOYFRIENDS or have a crush one.
Third, you are not lesbian or pengkid and lastly, you think you are totally normal.
Fill out that criteria?
Ok, the problem is.. Your eyes is capturing Beautiful/cute gurls more than handsome and jambo guys..?
Have you?
Second, if any of your friends in your facebook changed their default picture and that picture it was totally awesome, stunning and might be open their page over and over again just to see how beautiful they are..
Have you?
If you have this, then u have LSBF syndrome.

I can't avoid this feelings.. 
Love to see beautiful female more than to see a male. Its like so fascinating. How beautiful God create them.
What it feel to be Beautiful/cute like them.

I really wonder how its feel.
How they face their life.
What kind of people adore them.
What they got for being beautiful...
Such a wonder i had !

thats all for tonite, xoxo ;)