Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hey guys,
I didn't know how many of you read my blog or maybe no one ever read it.
Ah-ha XD
So i just want to do an little update.
Maybe would be the last entry and update..
Maybe just maybe.

I love blogging so much.. it some kind of relieve.
I love to see my loveleyh banner of my blog.
My Atyesha name on it.
I'm feel like i'm talking to someone when i was typing.
Usually, when i'm sad.. yes it would be 1 entry pay for that sad.

But..recently i had so many unpleasant things happen in my life.
And of course.. i didn't like it.
I even don't want to think about it.

Oh ya.. i only had blog and you tube account. I do have Twitter but the password ? Yeah.. you better guess. I totally forget it..and i don't like tweeting actually.
Never thought about it.
Facebook? The 1st letter of  F really  F my life.  From the beginning until now.
I hate Facebook more than you hate your ex gf/bf. Haha.

So..for those who sometimes read my blog..
I will take a break a while or maybe I will stop by now.
I really can't describe what kind of disappointment i had to face lately..
(shed my tears rite now)
It's not about i'm losing someone I love but its about..something more to me.
I'm losing myself... I feel defeated.

This feeling i used to be before.. When the first time my mom read my diary, (my age like 12 or something) then until now I never trust anyone. I know.. my mom have a right to read my diary..but it is just i don't like.
Then i'm crying that time to ask my mom stop reading my diary. Even nothing inside my diary.. its just a full variation of handwriting of my name..
No dark secret. No cursing.
How can i describe the feeling of sumthing that u don't want anyone trespassing on it?
Have u feel it ?

Ok, until then..
Have a great great great of take care..
If you are getting into exam or test or something with it, wish u  a very best of luck!

Bye bye~
Lovely, Atyesha.