Monday, September 17, 2012

Unforgivable Riot

Beside the epic Gangnam style spread his cheesy, funny, noty dance and catchy song around the world..
The Innocence of Muslim also cause a riot, blood and death all over the world.
I know most of us already alert about this film especially Muslim. And what i can say here is :

Sometimes people with higher stupidity is eager to flossing his brainless brightly. Eugh!

But, I truly believe...
Our pray will be heard.. Insya'allah.

OK, i'm trying to be cool here. I don't want to curse anyone or anything (but dammmm! America is really good make world living in riot and chaos. They hate living in peace maybe?)
Yet... I know not all American or Americana or Americano like for what they do through that film.
Thanks for that doooh..

Talk about forgive..
I don't have any idea why my apologize is vividly disapprove by people (it happen most of the time)... that i care n of course i loved so much.

I wish you will understand my situation that time.. and put some tolerate inside your ego of feeling angry because of nothing.
If I can forgive you for the most important mistake u did, why can't you forgive me for what i didn't really mean to do..

And btw.. I'm an ordinary people. Always always do mistake and of course I try my best to be better..
Till then.