Tuesday, October 4, 2011

YOU & me either

Girl : Define "ikhlas?"

Boy : errr... Tak tahu. Buat dengan rela kot ?

Girl : Tahun lepas awak pernah hantar saya balik kampung kan, 
walau awak baru balik dari kerja malam.
Awak ingat ?

Boy : Yang mana satu enh.. Hurmm. Ingat ingat lupa lah. kenape ?

Girl : So that the meaning of ikhlas, You never remember what a good thing you have done.
Only people will appreciate that. Not you.. not you valued your thing by yourself. 

Boy : But i marah kat you time tu kot. You tahu kan i baru balik kerja malam, 
tak tido lagi.., kena hantar you pulak. Haishh.

Girls : Be my hero.
Who always save me from critical situation. 
Save me from danger.
 But never sacrifice you punya nyawa because of me. 
Sebab you nyawa I.
 Yang Dia pinjam kan untuk I sebagai tempat bergantung, berteduh dan berharap.
Boleh ?
Boy : ....................

"Life trains my younger years to betrayed."

"Yell the farewell, go trouble younger hearts"

"Don't you think you and I 
is a loving enemy
mortal foe to rest ?"

"I am A quenchless fire

The warm i brought will never comfort you."

"The course of true love never did run smooth"

"Since you will be true,
You shall be true to them who're false to you"

"Run run farewell false love,
We are the oracle of lies

God no bless to us "

Must I, who came to travel through you,
Grow your fixed subject, because you are TRUE ?