Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mind your manners. Gosh.

So obviously guys, do you sit on this toilet seat or do you sit on the air of that toilet seat ???

Sit on me, not step on me!

Come on guys, do you need to step on that ?
Tapak kasut korang sangat bersih refer than that things...? 
Just imagine, korang dah saat saat terakhir, masuk jer toilet tengok around the bowl seat is your damm ex shoes? (haha, bekas tapak kasut sama tak grammar dengan bekas boyfriends) Sama lah!

So don't let your damm ex at the seat. No body wants.
Kalau nak guna toilet cangkung, TUNGGU sampai toilet tu dah takde orang. Kalau shopping tu semua tandas duduk...lepas duduk sila bersih kan your damm ex shoes. Ok?

Tea-O bang on that seat ? Grrrrrrr!!!! 

Eh sukatilah pon nak duduk ke nak cangkung ?
Geli tau nak duduk. Seriousssssly ?
Read this :

The experts came back with scientific evidence that urine is completely bacteria-free, and thus, the fear of toilet seats is that of the previous butt that sat there. They also found that the paper covers do absolutely nothing to prevent disease and the like.

Next, they set out to test the amout of bacteria on a person's butt. The result of this? There is hardly any bacteria even near the crack of the butt. In fact, there is much much more bacteria on somebody's hands than on their butt.

Think about that the next time you shake somebody's hand.

Clear ?
Google by yourself.

Short update. See ya next entry.

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