Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't Stop Whats Make U Happy

The last entry i wrote about i'm going either to stop blogging or take a break.
You know what? None of them i will do!

Why you (of course i'm talking to my self and you) want to stop do sumthing that you like sooo much because sumone trying to blocking your smile ?


Biasalah, kalau time kita rase down, buat ape pun rase takde semangat... Dengar lagu sedih, rase diri pathetic nyer life haku niyh. Haish haish.

Benda benda camniyh, semua amik mase untuk back to normal mood. Kan ?
So anyone yang ada rase down because of sumone or sumthin, SUMTHIN?
Yeah, eh.. bukan orang putus cinta jer rase down. Kalau ada hal lagi penting selain hal hal ni terjadi ?
Pun rase down kan.. So chill lah. God must have good reason  why He put u into this. Have a little patience then.
If you want to allow wounds transform you into sumone you are not, dats means.. you are LOSER.
Time will show you the should believe and take.

In life, you will deal with 1001 things and things and things.. Just don't let yourself drowns on it.
Take care then.. Tata~ 

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