Monday, October 8, 2012


If I got a chance. I want sumthing like this :

Simple amazing touch

Ok, this is a very very short entry.
Well, live in 2012 era, We don't have to give a sweat to create an beautiful nail art.
Macam macam jenis dan pattern dah ade kan. Sticker. Fake nail etc etc.
I mean yang tak memerlukan liquid.
So honestly, i don't like to do sumthin with my nail, finger or hand.
Rase rimassssssss.

This is just for fun.
Tak rugi ape ape pun try kan ?
Take a glance ~

 Only RM1.30 with 15 pcs
Lot lot of pattern.

Take a glance 1

Take a glance 2

*pssst. Jangan lupa pakai sun block before u meet the SUN.
I used this one. Absolutely amazing. Non greasy. Non oily and no sticky at all. 
Very good as a makeup base. Trust me. 

That's all! 

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