Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Karma

Earney Atyesha
No. 16 Jalan Febuary
Kg Dalam Hati Ada Taman
72720 Ulu Hati
Pedih Please Be Aman.

Executive Karma is Not a Bitch
JKK, Jalan Kaki Ke
Lost Angles nofound
098123 Devil is Everywhere.                                               08 September 2011

Miss Beautiful  Karma,


                  According to the title, I, myself and me Earney Atyesha with humble requesting or begging you to be nice in the next next my life. Here I put the reason why you should grant my wish. Before i'm going too far, pardon me if my English is absolutely annoying like hell. Currently i'm totally Malay who speak Malay and eat sambal belacan everyday. So that why i got annoying grammar like what the hell sambal belacan smell.

2. Miss Beautiful Karma, i do understand why you keep chasing me lately. Equally understand. But, did you have to do that ? For your information, I'M HUMAN. Don't believe me? Ohh, that mammalia fact is also true but my real species is Human. People. Person. Ain't you ever heard about "People make mistake?" Yes yes, that my species always did. Not cool huh ? Yes we are.
So i'm truly, really sorry for what i did. For what I've done. For whatever i do with or without i realize.
Trillion, billion, gazillion sorry and i'm really really beg an apologize for that. Again, I'm so sorry.

3. I can absolutely guarantee you that i'm totally regret for what i did. For those who really care and love me so much. Or for whoever i didn't mean to hurt before. This guilty feeling is now be my shadow who always lepaking with me wherever i be. Could you please ask you employee, (i guess) to stop chasing me? 
And i know you sent me your SAKA right? Saka tak tahu ? Alahhh... Let me explain how saka works here.
Saka is the one who ruined your peacefulness, happiness, calmness or maybe it could be a nurse who turn to Saka. (ok, that just an addition for nitemare story. I just watch Suster Ngensot last month and got infection by that)

4. The Saka you sent to me do a really great great job. I can't even breath happiness with my new life. Everyday i fight with him. Even for little thing. Unnecessary thing. Tedious thing. And now, thanks to you I already broke up with him. (but still have a chance, perhaps) Aigoo. 
Look here Miss Beautiful Karma, i was changed. I want to be a new one. Who didn't repeat a past mistake. Even i can feel numb if i remember about that. Just thinking about that, i can feel numb immediately. Could you imagine how regret i am? 

5. So, everybody make mistake. Everybody learn from mistake. Humanize grow with experience. Experience teach me how to be nice in your next action. Experience could be your biggest mistake and the biggest lesson in your life.
I can change. And i want to change. If i say "I can be loyal" then trust me and take my words. 
If i say "I only love you" yes, i do mean it. Could you please Karma, don't take everything..every single thing in my life? My present and my future ? Or don't give me a double payback cheques for what i did ? I know you loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to do that. Dats what people entitle you. Aite?

Last. I know.. i'm going too far. Over or watsoever. Sorry then. I hope to hear from you soon.Hopefully you grant my only wish. And one thing, give him back to me!  ;(  Opss. Thank you so much. Muah muah.