Friday, November 4, 2011

Whatever i says ...

"I'm crying each time i notice how you changed the situation,
You confused me with you Mighty-true-fact ability to convince me; that you are not guilty at all.
All unfaithful..
All lies..
Why its become my fault ?"

"I wish my ex is just like your ex. 
Keep searching you..
Try to ask little hope there..
Never ever give up on you.
Then you will know how i feels.."

"Falling in love doesn't happen just once. 
Every time you hear their voice after not hearing it for a week. 
Every time you see that smile brightens the room. 
Every time they make you laugh when you don't even want to smile.
 Every kiss hello and see-you-later hug. 
That's when you fall in love; not once, but everyday.
That what i feel for you..."

"if you love someone, 
Don't ask what he can do for you.
Ask yourself, what you can do for him.
If you keep be his burden.. Walk slowly before he run leaving you"

"If you still care about your past,
Go and repeat it before it too far and too late.
If you doesn't care so much about you present,
Is not too late to stop and create another future with your past.
Because history is key to present and future;
its not impossible history can repeat itself"

"I'm no one compare you ex...  
No i'm not.
I can see how much you want to take care her feeling rather than me."

"Heartless is my second name.
Selfish is my nickname.
Mean is my commercial name.
Bitch from the hell ? 
I like that name too, but it too long to pronounce.
Don't forget my name, its CRUEL."


  1. Hi EJ!
    Somehow after a year, I'm still missing my past. Eventhough now my lifes much better without he inside. But I don't noe, why "aku masih igt dia"

  2. Hye ononymos..!
    You know what..
    it's a normal thing even after 10 years you still remember him.
    We all human being. Our memories tak boleh delete serta merta. Tapi boleh slowly fading away.. boleh hilang sikit sikit and my lovely make it happens. Its really really took much time. So much.

    But, if u said that now..your current life is much better without him, you will probably didn't have to remember him.
    Don't lie to me each time you remember him, you will be a little upset of losing him or because what happens to ur relationship.
    So, don't add up or sadness level.

    Bak kate Leona Lewis, it all get better in time ;)


    Tuhan tak buat semua perkara ini untuk kita sebab kebetulan..
    Setiap Semua nya ada sebab yang sememangnya terbaik utk setiap hamba Nya. Insyallah ;)

  3. Yeahhhhh!! I love ur spirit babe :) buat sy kembali semangat :P
    Nasihat u sgt OK! Mcm sgt memahami situasi yg dialami.
    Maybe u experience u lebih kurang mcm I kot :))
    Thx dear :)