Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I navigate myself to Missing You

It so annoying to have a flu, cough and fever at a time.
I want to tell my mom, but I don't like she will be worried too much.
But it still okay if your close friend still ask you kinda question like this :
"kau tak sihat ke Ej ?" -Thanks Lyka. I love you as big as my tummy size it is ;)

I'm truly admit, when I don't have any kind of fever, the equation goes like this
 (Me = Hot temper + ego)
When i'm with any kind of fever, the equation be like this
(Me = pampering myself with temper + too ego to digest with) 
Bad huh ?
Don't tell. I know.

So here, I'm sorry for being dick head at anyone.
That not me, that was me actually. 
Again, SORRY.

Nobody can't handle it.
I know.
Nobody deserve me when i'm have it.
I know.
Even I, me and myself can't accept that.
I know.
End with that.

I'm always forget what a good thing I've done.
Either i'm not doing nothing or just it actually nothing if i remember.  
I'm kinda fail to talk with someone who always keep tracking what a good thing they have done and ofkos, they keep reminds me.

I do remember it, but i don't like anyone reminds it for me.
Because ;
I feel so down and shame with myself when you reminds me.
I feel like a loser when you reminds me.
I feel give up to stay with you when you keep reminds me.
I feel i don't deserve you for what you've done.
I feel so down for what i can't make it for you.

Sometimes, when you don't get satisfy explanation, you will down and get confused.
You pretend to ignore it ..
But it always come.
What your read...,
What you saw...,
What you hear is different from what you face.. they can make you feel crumble.

The end of the day..
You will miss the one who didn't miss you. (i guess)
The one who make you cry is also the one who can stop you from crying..

Your snoring is actually entertain my dream. . And i miss it.
The hello kiss and the hug-see-you-again is absolutely fascinating me. 
The clumsy you had, really make my day.
Every word you said to me is like winds blow my face.. 
When you said "sayang baby sangat",  i'm feel like i'm so beauty and you spit it gracefully...

I can't stop looking at you.
Such a waste when i can meet you but i didn't look at you all the time.

And now, I wish you were here ..
(to said I'm sorry and i miss you soo..)

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